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Residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel) in Germany - IamExpat.

If you want to live and work in Germany as an expat, you may need to apply for a residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel).The type of permit you apply for depends on both your nationality and on your reason for relocating to Germany, whether that be family, work, studies or something else. If you have a national visa, you can convert it into the corresponding type of residence ....

Residence permit application procedure in Germany - IamExpat.

Whether you have entered Germany on a national visa and now need to convert it into a residence permit, or you entered without a visa and are applying for residency for the first time, the application process for a residence permit can seem daunting.This page walks you through every step of the German residence permit application procedure. Required steps before ....

Permanent residence permit in Germany - IamExpat.

General requirements for the permanent residence permit. Anyone who wants to apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany needs to fulfil certain basic conditions: You have held a (temporary) residence permit for 5 years. Your subsistence is secure, i.e. you are able to support yourself without benefit payments..

Information and types of visa for Germany - IamExpat.

The national visa (nationales Visum) grants entry to Germany on the basis that you will be applying for a residence permit. It enables you to enter Germany as a potential resident and stay while you apply for residency. You will need to convert your visa into a residence permit within three months of arriving in Germany. You can find out more ....

Temporary residence permits in Germany - IamExpat.

1. Permit to study in Germany. This type of residence permit, usually valid for two years, is issued to those who come to Germany to study. It allows you to work up to 120 days (or 240 half days per year). It is usually possible to continue extending your residency until you have completed your course..