Mbsimp Registered Clinicians

MBSImP - Registered Clinicians.

The Speech-Language Pathologists listed below have earned the designation of Registered MBSImP Clinician. This means that they have successfully completed the requirements of the MBSImP Online Training and Reliability Testing. These clinicians are trained to assess Modified Barium Swallow Study results using the evidence-based and standardized ....


Terms of Use - MBSImP.

Only "Registered MBSImP Clinicians" are permitted to access or utilize any functionality beyond the three web-based training zones contained within www.mbsimp. MBSImP management reserves the right to terminate at any time the Enrolled's access to the MBSImP's online interface for patient management and report generation..


MBSImP | Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile.

View Roster of Registered MBSImP Clinicians Worldwide. View the current listing of all "Registered MBSImP Clinicians" worldwide here. MBSImP Treatment Course. This online extension course demonstrates how MBSImP(TM) component-scores can be used to link physiologic components of swallowing with evidence-based interventions to specifically target ....


MBSImP Standardized Training and Reliability Testing.

Registered MBSImP Clinicians have access to the MBSImP Patient Data & Reports area where standardized assessment reports may be generated and saved. Registered MBSImP Clinician status is awarded for a period of 5 years. The 5-year renewal process will consist of a $99 renewal fee and completion of a 5-hour online training & testing related to ....