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Learner corpora around the world | UCLouvain.

This list is still work in progress. We would like it to be as comprehensive as possible. If you have a learner corpus or know of one that is not listed on this webpage, send a message to Magali Paquot and we will add it to the list. We hope you will find the list useful for your research! The list below only contains learner corpora, i.e. electronic collections of continuous.


The Louvain Corpus of Native English Essays (LOCNESS) – Learner ….

- Learner corpora around the world; Events - Events Calendar - Diversity, Inclusion and Code of Conduct - LCR 2022 - Call for proposals to host LCR2024 ... de Louvain, Belgium. A scanned copy or offprint of the publication should also be sent to . Alternatively a paper copy can be sent to: Professor S. Granger ....


LOCNESS | UCLouvain.

LOCNESS is a corpus of native English essays made up of: British pupils' A level essays: 60,209 words British university students essays: 95,695 words American university students' essays: 168,400 words Total number of words: 324,304 words The LOCNESS corpus is available here. Please cite the corpus as follows: Granger, S. (1998). The computer learner corpus: A versatile ....